Why Use Us!

Golden Key Investments (GKI) has withstood the casualties of the real estate market. The crash of the real estate market provided GKI with the opportunity to develop a system to acquire properties, expedite rehab, and seek tenants. In result, the aforementioned system provides investors with the ability to purchase properties at a third of its market value. GKI has developed a system that allows investors to purchase a fully rehabilitated property, complete with tenant, granting a 10%- 18% return annually with dividends payable within the first 30 days.

Our Experience Shows!

Golden Key Investments has rehabbed over 500 properties in the last 8 years. This experience has aided in the establishment of a strong system to efficiently purchase solid products and rehab them within 2 to 3 weeks of property acquisition. GKI warranties all services to guarantee customers of the service quality they are receiving. GKI was built on integrity, therefore GKI's customer truly comes first. Over the years, GKI has learned that the customer's satisfaction will always be the key to success of GKI and its continuous growth.